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The CrowdFunder Show

Although our Kickstarter campaign fell short last month, we got a ton of support, and attracted the attention of a new television program in development for air on FOX in Canada. By enlisting the help of corporate sponsors, and working with the crowdfunding platform FundRazr, they are hosting and promoting a handpicked selection of projects. All backers receive the monetary value of their contribution to the campaign back in the form of gift cards from major restaurants and retailers. In addition, the campaign is longer, lasting until February 2014, and unlike Kickstarter, is not all-or-nothing.

The segment featuring Urban Canopy is in production with an expected air date in December, but the FundRazr campaign is live now, and we already have some backers. Because FundRazr isn’t as high profile as Kickstarter, we need all the publicity we can get, so share with your friends. Check out the campaign here, and join us today!