• Our green roof modules install quickly and fully grown (depending on inventory and order volumes), and creating a complete green roof system within days.
  • A mixture of drought resistant sedums populates the modules, eliminating the need for watering, and minimizing weeding and maintenance requirements.
  • Custom cut feet create a terraced system that can adapt to nearly any roof slope.
  • One foot vertical walkways spaced every four feet provide access to the roof surface and the modules, which can be removed individually.
  • Cable attachments limit roof penetration to three at the end of each row of modules.
  • Integrated drainage directs rainfall overflow from the modules either to a rain barrel for later use or out to the existing runoff disposal system.
  • Our lightweight growing medium incorporates recycled styrofoam to accomplish a dry weight of 5 lb/sq ft for the entire system, and absorb up to a half gallon of rainfall per square foot, creating a total saturated weight of 10 lb/sq ft.

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