The benefits of green roofs are diverse – financially, environmentally, and culturally.

Stormwater management

Stormwater runoff is a consistent issue for both cities and private property owners. Rainfall collected on roof can back up gutters and drains, causing flooding and  waste accumulation. Urban Canopy modules retain a half gallon of water per square foot, and direct excess water to rain barrels for later use, or to the existing runoff system. The delay and filtration provided by the system takes strain off the city and property’s infrastructure.


The plant life and growing medium provide an extra level of insulation for your property, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. The air pockets under the system magnify this effect.

Urban Heat Island Effect

Dark roofs absorb sunlight and release it as heat, contributing to an urban temperature that can be several degrees higher than the surrounding region. Green roofs absorb the sunlight and photosynthesize it, reducing the heat island effect significantly.


A green roof qualifies for one credit toward LEED certification on its own, and may help achieve up to 20 credits in total, for other attributes such as stormwater management, energy use reduction, and use of recycled materials.

Roof Maintenance

Typical roof surfaces must be repaired or replaced every 10-20 years. The Urban Canopy system is built to last just as long, saving you on repairs and replacement.

While green roofs are not maintenance free, they only require occasional weeding and inspection. This makes maintenance easy and low cost.

Carbon Neutralization

While urban households produce carbon emissions, green roofs soak it up, converting it back into breathable oxygen, and sequestering up to one pound of carbon every year for every ten square feet of green roof.


Green roofs provide vital habitat for birds and insects in the urban environment, and help maintain a habitat corridor for bees and butterflies, encouraging their survival in the surrounding areas.


With the expansion of sustainable technology and the green movement, a green roof can attract customers and tenants to your property. By advertising your green roof, you can draw attention to your business and your environmental consciousness.

Public Space

Depending on the structure and layout of your roof, an Urban Canopy system can be an enjoyable place to spend time, and can serve as a space for relaxation for residents or tenants. Our designers can work with you to arrange a space that will fit your needs.

The beauty of a green roof adds texture and warmth to your property, and its benefits extend beyond your tenants and customers to your neighbors and the city as a whole.


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