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As our cities expand, the global climate shifts, and sustainable technology grows, our roof spaces remain largely unused. By replanting roofs, we can reduce the urban heat island effect, sequester rainfall to reduce the strain on drainage systems, scrub the air of pollutants and CO2, and provide green spaces as quiet oases in the heart of an urban setting.

By providing affordable, adaptable, modular green roof systems, we strive to regreen large expanses of city roofspace, restoring an urban canopy to our cities.

Ben Jarvis           ben@urbancanopy.net           206.335.8865

Ben grew up in the Northwest, living in and exploring the wilderness of the region’s National Parks. Whilst earning a BFA in Painting from the University of Washington, and working in the advertising business for several years, he developed a keen love of the culture and bustle of Seattle, but sought a way to bring the peace and beauty of the wild from his youth into the city.

With a vision in mind of the long lost wilderness that existed in the area before the city, he realized that much of the ground space is still available, only elevated and covered in tar and shingles, largely unused. In 2012, he began working on a system that would allow plants to be grown on nearly any roof space, at widely available prices.

Working with PVC pipe and corrugated plastic sheeting, Ben constructed a lightweight interlocking modular system that could be adapted to varying slopes. Realizing the vast potential of the opportunity, he formed Urban Canopy and set about regreening Seattle.

China Bolden         china.bolden@urbancanopy.net         216.258.3592

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