Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter campaign is set to launch September 15. Check it out here. We have a set a funding goal of $50,000, in order to pay for the manufacturing setup costs. We have an array of great rewards, so please share with your friends, and consider contributing. Help us bring affordable green roofs to everyone!

    Update 9/16/13

The Kickstarter campaign is live! Check it out here:

Please share with your friends, and consider contributing. With your help, we can regreen our cities from the top down!

    Update 9/20/13

Great start to the Kickstarter campaign! Lots of support this week, and interest popping up around the web. Check out this great blog post on the benefits of green roofs from Our Home Tools.

Update 10/22/13

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite reach our funding goal, but we’re far from done. We made a lot of great contacts, and were floored by the positive response we got. We’ll be actively pursuing other funding options, and moving forward with production and installations. Stay tuned! Huge thanks to all those who supported and backed us.

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